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Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) gives non-technical users the ability to create, edit, manage and publish content on their own website.

The only software required is a browser, allowing you to manage the website from anywhere with an Internet connection.

A website that regularly requires adding too or updating should consider using a CMS, while the up-front cost is greater, there is no need to hire a web developer to continually make updates.

Two options are available when selecting to use a CMS:

Pre-Built CMS

Websites are built using the open source CMS Drupal making it a cost effective way to take control of your own website.

Drupal Example
  • Lower Cost
  • Fast development time frame
  • Community of existing CMS users
  • Large selection of add-on modules
  • Web based management
  • Roles & permissions
  • Content syndication (RSS)
  • Blogger style with user commenting (optional)
Add-ons include:
  • Polls
  • Questionnaires
  • Forums
  • Newsletters

Example website: www.peterbesseling.com
Pricing from $1500

Custom CMS

Custom CMS Example
  • Flexible system with ability built for specific requirements.
  • Simpler to use as it contains only features that are required.
  • Ability to integrate with other applications and websites
  • Web based management
  • Roles & permissions
  • Custom features specific to websites function
Add-ons include:
  • E-commerce
  • Newsletters & mailing lists
  • Guestbook's

Example website: www.geoffturnbull.com.au
Pricing from $3500